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High-Performance Minecraft Hosting for less. Our servers are equipped with the latest technology and are capable of speeds out of this planet!

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The Miners Planet ExperienceWhy Choose Miners Planet?

Are you ready to blast your server off to a new dimension with us?

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Managing your server has never been easier.

Manage your server with ease no matter where you are, from the comfort of your mobile device to your computer. Our control panel is powered by Multicraft, a proven solution in the market.

  • Simple yet intuitive, mobile-friendly user interface.
  • Enhance workflow by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Ability to add sub-users to assist with server management.
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Miners Planet Control Panel
Select from a number of different server softwares such as PMMP, Spigot, Nukkit, SkyFactory3, Forge, and Bungeecord.

Select from our list of supported software for your server.

We support a vast range of server software to help meet your specific needs. You can easily choose between Vanilla and Spigot for Minecraft, or Nukkit and PMMP for Pocket Edition, with a much wider variety available as well.

Using your own software? Not a problem, we also offer the ability to upload and use your own software.

We are constantly updating our list of supported software. If we don't support a software that you are looking for, you can simply request it and we'll install it for you free of charge.

Easily download some of the most popular plugins such as EssentialsX, WorldEdit, ClearLag, SimpleAuth, Slapper, and PermissionsEX.

Install plugins with one simple click.

Managing your server's plugins has never been easier. Our integrated solution allows you to control all aspects of plugin management such as installing, updating, and removing.

  • Access to thousands of plugins
  • Keep your plugins up-to-date
  • Remove existing plugins with ease
Protect your server with our advanced DDoS protection.

Keep your server protected and online.

All our servers come standard with DDoS protection. Our advanced mitigation system is capable of filtering large attacks, keeping your server online during an attack. This type of protection allows you and your players to continue playing worry-free, regardless of any attack.

Have any questions in regards to our DDoS protection? Contact our sales team.

Select from a number of different locations available around the world.

With you wherever you may be.

Choose from a number of different locations to host your server at. Each and every one of our locations has been strategically selected to provide the most benefits to players within that region and beyond.

  • Low-Latency Network
  • High-Availability Infrastruture
  • Multiple Cable Routes and Pathways

Need help selecting the best location for you and your players? Contact our sales team.

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